Tax Preparation Services

3Alpha provides tax preparation for CPA’s, businesses and individuals.

Tax preparation for most is a seasonal business that requires substantial staffing around year-end and quarter-end and then lighter loads the rest of the year. Contracting out parts or all of your tax preparation to 3Alpha allows your firm or office to smooth out the peaks and valleys of tax preparation.

3Alpha provides back office bookkeeping support for CPA’s and accounting firms at extremely competitive pricing. You can concentrate more on consulting and let us do the easy work. You save substantially on the bookkeeping costs and tax preparation costs.

Why contract out for all or parts of your tax preparation needs:

  • More rapid turnaround times and time zone arbitrage (we work while you sleep)
  • Peak and seasonal tax preparation-related overtime costs can be burdensome and eat into profits
  • Staff can focus on higher value tasks
  • Staff morale improves as the heavy workloads are less stressful
  • Data Security is most important
  • Labor Savings – up to 70%

At 3Alpha, we have a well-qualified and trained team in the preparation of federal and state tax returns. 3Alpha continually trains our tax return preparers’ in not only the statutory laws but also in all leading tax software. A CPA firm or a business or organization can reduce their costs by at least 50-60% by using 3Alpha.

In addition to individual tax forms we prepare:

  • Individual Form 1040
  • Partnership Form 1065
  • Corporation Form 1120
  • S Corporation Form 1120S
  • Preparation of year end 1099s

How do we work?

Source documents are sent either by Secured Server Solution, Remote Access Solution or via email.

Our skilled professionals scrutinize the information and enter data into software of the client’s choice.

We then audit and check to verify information was entered correctly.

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