Payroll Services

3Alpha provides payroll management services that save you the hassles and time –consuming tasks of payroll processing. We are a leading payroll processing service providers and we handle payrolls for any type of firms regardless its size and can customize a solution to suit your needs.

Some of the tasks we can provide:

  • We calculate paychecks and tax obligations based on employee time sheets. We become your payroll department
  • We provide management reports for your team. These can be used to measure productivity, understand inefficiencies and compare similar job titles’ pay inequities across your organization. Our turnaround time for management reports is very quick thus allowing you to make better decisions quickly.
  • We provide time off tracking. We make sure that vacations and sick time are accurately tallied to ensure no worker shortages at the end of the year.

Some of the advantages of 3Alpha

  • Cost reduction: You will realize 40-60% cost reductions across the board.
  • We strictly follow Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Your data will not be shared with anyone
  • Our technology is of the highest quality. We stay up-to-date on the best practices
  • We are constantly requesting feedback from you, our clients. We provide the highest level of transparency.
  • We customize solutions for you to achieve your business goals.

3Alpha is flexible:

WE won’t force our service levels on your team. You determine the level of support that your business needs. From simple payroll to more extensive management of payroll tasks, to completely outsourced payroll, 3Alpha can help you design the outsourced team that you will be comfortable with.

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