Sales Tax Return

Filing sales tax returns and remitting payments is a complex process. Different rules apply for every state and local jurisdiction in which you have a sales tax obligation. 3Alpha simplifies the process from start to finish

  • Eliminate the burden of filing. 3Alpha imports your transaction and tax data then prepares
  • We comply with your record retention procedure. We will store on the cloud or in our secure environment
  • We can scale to any, and all jurisdictional tax requirements.
  • 3Alpha keeps your filings on time. On-time returns and payments help reduce your risk of late or inaccurate payments.

EASY-3Alpha provides e-filed and streamlined sales tax returns, depending on jurisdiction requirements. We will import data from your existing system.

FAST-3Alpha dramatically shrinks the time your company spends on sales tax returns.

ACCURATE-It takes a huge amount of research on your part to make sure you file correctly in each jurisdiction. That's where 3Alpha comes in. We ensure the right amount is remitted to the right taxing authority at the right time, so you can forget having to track individual jurisdiction requirements. We constantly update our internal systems with newest forms, deadlines, and other rules so you never have to worry about getting it right.

AFFORDABLE- 3Alpha’s labor costs are 60% less than domestic conventional tax preparers.

Managing sales and use tax returns isn't your core business—but it's a critical tax process. 3Alpha can handle the entire tax return lifecycle, allowing you to focus on more strategic tax issues.

Your returns and payments managed — automated, easy, and accurate.

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